Banner Martial Arts & Fitness

......from some of our younger students

I am very happy with Trudy doing Self-Defence. She's very confident now and not afraid any more. She has lost a lot of weight and I am advising her to stick at it and go all the way to a Black Belt. Thanks a lot to Connor and Sarah.

......Michael Tuttle

Katie once said she always feels like smiling when she comes out of her lesson. The classes are fun and friendly and I feel her confidence has grown as a result of Tae Kwon Do over the past year.

......Jackie Elger

I've been doing Taekwon-do for over eight years and during that time I've come to become more mature and disciplined. I've also come to greatly respect my school and the sport and I also felt a great feeling of success and accomplishment upon receiving my Black Belt.

......Kieran Thynne

I also find that the martial arts training in the school has a brilliant effect on my children. They are learning to be more focused and disciplined, and are now ve ry fit. And it's the best training for them they have ever done in any sport. It's a great way to pass the time in a healthy and beneficial manner.

......Abdelaziz Jedir

Meagan has become a different girl since starting martial arts. She loves every second of it. From the time she arrives for class till she finishes she is made to feel important by her teachers. Meg starts school in September and I really believe that martial arts have made her well prepared for all that will come her way. I am very grateful for the positive impact Banner Martial Arts has had on her.

......Tina O'Connor

I like Taekwon-do because I don't feel scared anymore. The people there are very nice. I got a lot of new friends now. I am happy with all the things I know so far.

......Aglaia Hauptmann

Taekwondo: It's great to be involved in a martial art. It's great fun and the people are very kind there. I enjoy going to Taekwon-do twice a week. It's a great life skill. Hapkido: It's good to know something where you don't need energy to free yourself from someone who is older and bigger and STRONGER than you. Plus it's great fun, too. To be involved in lots of martial arts, especially when you get older and you're in town on your own, you never know what will happen or who will come across your way.

......Ann-Catherine Hauptmann

I love Taekwon-do. It makes me look forward to the weekend. I have made lots of new friends. My self-esteem is getting better by doing Taekwon-do. Sometimes the workouts are hard and sometimes they are easy.

......Eva McDermott

I love going to Taekwon-do because it's great fun doing all the running and games and learning how to kill the baddies and I like the stories at the end teaching us how to be good by eating good food and exercise. I like my Taekwon-do teachers because they are so funny and nice.

......Joy Hallahan

Joy has improved in her ability to mix with other children and obey instructions. Please come home and live with us – ha ha. It's a fantastic school. Very well run and great with kids as young as my son who is four. Keep up the great work.

......Olivia Hallahan

I love Taekwon-do. I love doing jumping jacks and four-baddies. I like all the games we play and learning about staying away from bullies by looking up at the sky. I love running around the dojang 100 million times when I lose the game. It's fun.

......Jack Hallahan

Most of all Harry has fun and he enjoys all activities. As aprents we really appreciate the tenants of Taekwon-do, such as respect for all, which reinforces the message we wish to instill in our child. The lessons are well organised and age appropriate. The instructors are always child friendly and very competent. The atmosphere is comfortable with lots of reading material for adults and children.

......Harry Hamel's Parents

My friend told me about the Powerful Words and the great affect she said it had on her son. I am very happy with Colin going to your school, he really enjoys his class and talks a lot about trust and never breaking his promises anf most of all for him he says he will never tell lies (porkie pies?). He has been very honest really on a lot of things and I feel that comes from your school as he talks about it so often.

....Colin's Mom

I think you're doing a great job! My children have come a long way since joining, including myself as a person.

....Brendan Nolan

Darren's skill has improved greatly over the past 2 years. BMAF teaches children to believe in themselves and I can see Darren's confidence grow weekly. His patterns are well practices in class and he works hard at home as well.

Elaine Crowe

Many thanks for a wonderful service. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my son's behavior since he joined. His confidence, discipline, and respect for others is wonderful and it has also helped his speech and his ability to be more self assured in social situations. Well done.

.....Marie Murphy

Hi Sarah, My daughter Hannah Meaney started with you in September 2004. She has really enjoyed the classes and I have noticed that her ability to focus and listen has improved. She has always been very sporty and enjoys physical challenges and the classes have been a good positive environment for her to be in. The Tournament on Sunday was very well run and she enjoyed the competitiveness of the event. We will be enrolling her for a second term.

Sharon Meaney(parent of Lil' Dragon)

I have to say that i notice a difference in my son Dylan since he has started the Taekwon-do classes, his co-ordination has improved immensely and also his concentration is better. Dylan looks forward to the class every week. He has always liked the Martial Arts films and asked me if he could do something, so i heard from a friend that there was a class in the Crescent school and decided to send him. I also like the idea that you keep us up to date via email.

Lisa McCoy (parent of Tiny Tiger)

I am very happy with the school and the many changes that you have made along the way. I was a bit concerned earlier at the speed in which members were progressing from one grade to the next, but I am pleased to note that this no longer seems to be the case. Darragh is happy in his class and I do believe that it has helped his confidence. The little things are very important to children, and I think it's marvellous when Darragh (and I'm sure lots of others) receive "well done" cards in the post. Also the the themed parties for attendance are an excellent idea and great for the kids. So, all in all, WELL DONE. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with your EXCELLENT SCHOOL

Catherine Ryan mother of Tiny Tiger (recently graduated to Junior)

Cormac has gained confidence and his fitness has improved. He looks forward to class every week. At present he is not involved with any other clubs and is very proud to be part of Banner Martial Arts. I am delighted he has found a healthy outlet, and is meeting new people and having a new experience.

...Deirdre Larkin (mother)

"I have noticed a real difference in Jimmy (my son) since he began Taekwon-do. He is more co-ordinated physically, more confident in himself, and much more willing to attempt new activities. At school he is able to concentrate much better in the classroom, and in the playground his gross motor skills have really improved. Myself, I feel happier with myself. I am stronger physically and my muscles are beginning to tone up nicely, especially arms and legs. I have found that Kickboxing is a great way to de-stress and a fantastic outlet for tension and frustration!"

Frances Rogan (mother & adult student)