Banner Martial Arts & Fitness

....from some of our Martial Arts Adult students

Being a member of this club means much more than just a sport affiliation. Every new member is welcomed, supported and motivated by the members. The atmosphere is friendly, the training environment is pleasant and motivating. The overall ambience of B.M.A.F. is attractive and encourages total participation in all club activities, which makes membership such value. Taekwon-do significantly increases a person’s confidence and fitness.

......Valera Taustsiakov

When I first started at Banner Martial Arts I was 15-1/2 stone. Then I started and in a short time I checked and I was 13 stone. I would like to thank Connor for keeping me motivated. If it wasn't for him I would not be as fit as I am now.

......Gordon Kelly

I have nothing but good things to say about the Banner Martial Arts and Fitness. Mr. & Mrs. Donovan are incredibly friendly and welcoming people. They are both fantastic teachers. People of all ages, sizes and experiences are taught to reach their full potential mentally and physically. To learn a valuable martial art. To learn respect and discipline while making it a whole lot of fun! I have met many kind and generous people. My confidence has increased and my fitness has improved greatly. I would recommend to anybody to try a martial art or fitness class at BMAF. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

......Eugene Duggan

Ever since taking up Taekwon-do I have noticed an improvement in both my fitness and diet, and Banner Martial Arts has been a great place to learn. I've found the other students very friendly and the instructors encouraging.

......Brendan Travers

I always enjoy myself during training. Since I started the martial arts training in this school I have lost weight, become much more energetic and concentrated, and started feeling more focused in general. The atmosphere is very welcoming and any newcomers can fit right in and are started up with the basics. The instructors are very good teachers. The workouts are abviously more challenging at first, but as I got more fit I was motivatred to come back week after week. Of course, the instructors' encouragement helped immensley. The school is very well run. I recommend this school to anyone thinking of starting up martial arts.

......Abdelaziz Jedir

I enjoy very much going to Taekwon-do class. It's giving me time for myself to work with my body and mind. I've gained much more fitness and flexibility and I started to improve my left/right coordination. My two daughters are going to Junior Taekwon-do and they are both very happy. Especially the "Word of the Month" helped one of my daughters to get a problem sorted. My oldest daughter and myself have also started going to the Hapkido class together and we both love to come. I think it is a very good and interesting self-defence for ladies and girls. In this school there is a friendly and motivating atmosphere and I feel welcome everytime. Thank you so much!

......Annette Bauer-Hauptmann