We use martial arts training as a tool to deliver both physical and mental health to the people who join our school. We have created a safe and welcoming environment for people of all walks of life and all levels of physical condition.

We take pride in our facility, making it a safe, clean training environment that is constantly being maintained and updated. To our students, it often acts as a home away from home, and we honour that by continuing to take great care of it.


Martial Arts for FITNESS

Martial arts training will increase flexibility, burn fat, and tone the whole body. Our instructors will encourage and push each individual student based on their abilities and goals. Every class is different and just challenging enough to leave you feeling proud and accomplished. We offer classes in multiple styles of martial art, and our staff will be happy to discuss with you with type of training is the best to achieve your personal goals.


Martial Arts for MENTAL HEALTH

Any form of exercise is beneficial for stress relief. The Martial Arts system is also designed for each student to reach achievable goals, always building on the knowledge and levels of fitness and being recognised for it through attaining belts. This system builds self-discipline and confidence. The environment of the Martial Arts Dojang is a place of discipline and respect for others. Martial artists are courteous and helpful to each other, breeding an atmosphere of teamwork and encouragement. The dojang is a place where every individual is equal and respected by their fellows. Having a safe environment like this is very important for anyone, and particularly for our youth who may not feel that they have a safe place to just be themselves. At our school, everyone is welcome just the way they are.

Banner Martial Arts & Fitness is a family owned and operated full-time school. Connor & Sarah Donovan are a husband & wife team of Ennis Martial Artists. Both hold Black Belts in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Hapkido and honorary Black Belts in Tang Soo Do.
Having found the martial arts to add incredible value to their own personal lives, the Donovan’s opened a Full-Time martial arts school in 2001 so that, through martial arts, they could make a difference for the people of their community.



  • To develop personal skills through our training which will, in turn, enhance our community.

  • To provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our students physical and mental growth.

  • To provide inspiration for personal excellence through our example as Black belts.



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